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A Look At Comic Book Merchandising

Merchandising of comic books is a serious business. It is the best way for a comic book company to gain a foothold in the market. The characters of a particular book become famous which is followed by a tendency to try and profit from this popularity. One venue very effective for this is the merchandising of these comic book people. The publishers and the advertising agencies see the potential in merchandising of comic book characters. A very good example of this is the Star Wars series. The movies were a hit and this sold the posters and other movie related trivia, then they turned the movie into the comic book version and this too became an instant hit. The movie grossed billions and the comic books were not far behind.


If the merchandising of comic books is done properly then the revenues earned can be amazingly high. Some points to keep in mind when doing the promotion are things like where in the store is the display put. It should be where it gets maximum visual coverage by customers walking in and out. What packaging does it have? It should be attractive so as to catch the customer's eye. Last but not the least is the price factor. It must be affordable to the general public.

Tee shirts are a very effective way of merchandising comic books and the characters. The whole idea behind merchandising of comic books is that people should be bombarded with the image everywhere they go and over a period of time this leads them to buy it as its acceptance grows. Logo tee shirts are available at any comic book store.

There has been a lot of research done in the marketing aspects of selling the merchandising. These take into account the sociological and the psychological reactions of people - their expressions when they see a particular type of merchandising says a lot about how they feel about it. This type of research helps the company to know if their product is being accepted, tolerated or outright rejected by the masses.

Word of mouth is yet another way of effective advertising. It's quite obvious that if you like something then you are going to tell others about it. Merchandise can be successfully marketed at fast food joints. Children love to see their favorite comic or movie heroes plastered on the walls of McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy's. Movies are widely advertised by companies especially when they are about the action heroes.

So as one can see there are many factors related to merchandising comic books and it seems quite evident that a lot of money is waiting to be made through this avenue. But be aware that it only seems so. It's only time that can bring about the actual results of heavy duty advertising and merchandising. There will be a difference between long term effects and the effect on a daily basis. This holds true for both merchandising for comic books and movies.



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