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Comic Book Character Crossovers!

When we think of our comic book characters, we understand not just the character but the world they live in. All of us know where superman works and lives. Being comic book characters, though, we have more latitude in creating new adventures to bring more excitement and expanded possibilities. How do you bring more dimension to your comic book characters? We create crossovers!


Crossovers in comic books first came about in 1975 with the Wizard of Oz. This crossover between Marvel and DC comics was highly accepted and brought a remarkable new method into the marketplace. This one was about Spiderman and Superman. Crossovers can be liked or disliked but there is no escaping the fact that this created a ripple of excitement through out the comic world.

The crossover game continued as companies discovered this to be a good way to boost sales. The ensuing acceptance by the reading public made it clear that merging two universes into one was not only possible but also economically beneficial. But there were some areas of conflict. If one issue saw Superman being aware of a guy called Spiderman, and in another the two did not know of each other's existence, there was no continuity and a lot of confusion.

In 1996 a new concept came into place where they linked two super heroes by making them brothers, giving them good reason to find each other. Eleven contests later the readers had decided: five of the contests were created by Marvel and DC the remaining six. The final outcome was that the readers decided that the battle between Superboy and Spiderman would make Spiderman victorious. The Incredible Hulk was defeated by Superman and Lobo was defeated by Wolverine. Captain America went down to Batman and Wonder Woman could not hold her own with Storm. The battle of the superstar comic book characters continued!

Finally the comics adapted, and the brothers accepted each other's presence in the universe. This peaceful alliance was well liked by the readers. But a clear winner is not possible as the readers always choose their own personal favorites Since opinions are always biased a winner may or may not emerge. This problem of characters not knowing each other was further explored through a solution of sorts by Marvel and DC. This solution was a persona that broke through both universes and aptly named Access.

The second modified solution was bringing together two universes where Spiderman and SuperBoy merged into one superhero called Spiderboy. The companies kept pace with this crossover technique and the continuity of characters was maintained. Since everyone cannot be happy it made sense to have super heroes visit other universes, and this crossover technique was accepted by the readers.

So there you had it, with Green Lantern and Superman meeting the Silver Surfer. You had the fight between Darksied and Galactus, and Galactus defeated Darksied and took over Omega Beams but found he could not live there. The list goes on and on. Crossovers continue, the readers are happy, the companies are happy, and so are the accountants. It seems even the characters are happy with their new-found adventures!



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