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Facts About Comic Book Companies

Comic books have long held a place in the heart and mind for children and adults alike. There are more than a hundred comic book companies nowadays, and many more that are defunct, too. The explosion rate of comic book companies is quite amazing. So is the rush to distribute, produce and advertise them. Companies are always trying to find that one character or group of characters that will have instant appeal to the larger comic book market. There are also comic book companies that serve the comic book underground that are not looking to cater to the masses but to a completely different section of the society.


If the character in the underground comics is accepted then they might go on to become mainstream comics. Here the character of the story is one with whom the public can relate too and is believable enough for people to like. This is important because the survival of the comic book is dependent on the acceptance by the targeted readers. If the opposite happens where the readers are not able to relate to the character and activities then the comic book fades into oblivion. There is a lot of work involved in making a comic book and if the readers don't accept it then it's a whole lot of effort wasted. If there is no perseverance and dedication applied towards getting out a good piece of work then the readers are not going to pay any attention to your work.

Non-acceptance and the effect on a comic book company is evident from the list of defunct companies. But then failure is to be expected, especially in the heavily competitive business world. There is a comprehensive list of these defunct companies available on the internet, and the reasons why they are defunct are easy to see.

Paid readership is very essential for the survival of any comic book company. Paid readership means sustained readership which is essential for the company to move on. The age old economic theory of supply and demand holds true for comic books. At present the two very popular and probably the largest among comic book companies today are Marvel comics and DC comics. Of course there are a lot of independent companies too.

Gaining credibility is difficult for any new company, but once the company in question does get a foothold they are able to increase their repertoire of characters and take another bold step into the market. It's the comic figures that represent the company. Marvel has a lot more villains and cosmic heroes than DC who is its main competition and DC has an entire troupe of characters from outer space.

In the world of comic books there is another player through television and feature film movies. There are those who use licensed figures like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Wars to name a few. Dark Horse is the third largest comic company and it belongs to this genre. In the world of comic books, using characters that are long established on TV is a very common direction, and since the market for these characters is already created there is relatively little to do in terms of promotion of the comic. The world of comic books is a vast market, with new comics debuting all the time.



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